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Monthly Prize Draw


All subscribers in a month are automatically entered to the monthly draw.

If you are interested in having your game featured in a future prize draw click here


August Draw

August's prize is a Kickstarter pledge of Division: Throne Room, kindly donated by Mad Games

Note this prize is contingent on it funding in Kickstarter

Division: Throne Room is a strategic card and dice game for 1 or 2 players. You'll recognise the King and his courtiers from chess. But this game is not fought on the battlefield. This is an internal fight for the throne.

This game is coming to Kickstarter soon, and will hopefully follow the success of their previous Kickstarter games such as Sheep Hustler.

Throne Room.png


Previous Draws

sovietkitchenunleashed box transparent.p

Jul-19: Soviet Kitchen

Won by Chris C from Peterborough


Donated by HYBR Games


Apr-19: T-shirt

Won by Myles W from Sheffield


Donated by Mr Meeple

Tales of evil.png

Jan-19: Tales of Evil

Won by Dave B from Bexleyheath

Donated by Antonio Ferrera


Nov-18: Ruthless

Won by Ross B from Donaghcloney


Donated by Alley Cat Games


Aug-18: Theosis

Won by Vic P from Powys

Donated by Dreamcraft Games

Prize image2.jpg

May-18: Mysterium & Hidden Signs

Won by Justin L from Weston-Super-Mare

Donated by Zatu Games

Counter attack_edited.jpg

Jun-19: Counter Attack

Won by Sam A from London


Donated by Colin Webster


Mar-19: Tombed

Won by Robert P from Hartlepool


Donated by 4 Dados


Jan-19: Strikerz

Won by Tony R from Huntington

Donated by Caper Games

Summoner's Isle.jpg

Oct-18: Summoner's Isle

Won by Yair D from Cambridge

Donated by Peculiarity Games

Free game.jpg

Jul-18: Free game

All subscribers received a free game!


May-19: Zoocracy

Won by Helena C from London


Donated by Haas Games

Vector Wars.jpg

Feb-19: Vector Wars

Won by Leanne W from Warrington

Donated by Eli Mamane


Dec-18: Necromagis

Won by Pearl H from London


Donated by Loft Goblins


Sep-18: Zoomaka

Won by Odin M from London

Donated by Worldshaper Games


Jun-18: Bloc by Bloc

Won by Jake D of Great Yarmouth

Donated by Out of Order Games

Terms and Conditions

All subscribing members who have paid in the month will receive one entry into that month's draw. Silver subscribers will receive one additional entry with Gold subscribers gaining a third entry. Subscribers on custom packages will receive the equivalent number of entries based on the amount they have paid that month.

Eligible members will automatically be entered into the draw unless they send an email to requesting to  be excluded, and the winner may have their first name, inital of surname and town mentioned on the website, emails and other promotional materials.


In the event of any dispute regarding the rules, conduct, results and all other matters relating to a draw, the decision of Board Game Surprise is final.

Prizes will only be sent to UK addresses, as per your sign-up details (or latest amendment).

Prizes are chosen at sole discretion of Board Game Surprise and have no alternative value. Under exceptional circumstances beyond our control, the prizes advertised above may be swapped for other prizes. If the prize is a Kickstarter pledge, that prize is dependant on the game funding on Kickstarter and the creators subsequently creating and delivering the game.

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