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Join today by choosing your preferred option below. Payment amount and game frequency can be chosen and changed through the buttons below. You`ll then be asked to complete the preferences form.

Your subscription can be amended, paused or cancelled at any time.

Example of how subscriptions work: A £20 monthly payment with games every 2-3 months means you will generally  receive a £40 game every 2 months and occasionally a £60 game every 3 months for example (also determined by your preferences).

Your games will always cost less than the RPP and we aim to be competitive with prices of other games stores, despite the personal service.

Monthly games

Games every 2-3 months

One-off game

Single payment

Custom subscription

Our suggested monthly game level is £35+ to provide access to a huge range of game choices. 

You can choose any price that suits you but below £25 may be better suited to a 2-3 month subscription, unless you want to receive smaller or card games.

Our suggested level would be £20 for games every 2 months, or £15 games for games every 3 months.


You can choose any amount that suits, smaller amounts work better here as can be compensated with a lower frequency of games.

Use this option to buy a one-off Surpr!se for yourself, find a gift for someone else or to test us out without subscribing.

Send us an email to request paying every 2 or 3 months, or anything else that can`t be set-up through this page.

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