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Subscription Details

Games hand-picked for you

Unlike other crate sites, your games are picked from all leading board games based on your preferences, rather than being matched against a limited choice bulk purchased that month.

Subscribe on your terms

Choose your payments with no minimum term. Cancel, pause or amend at any time.

Choose monthly games or split the cost over several months.

Great value boxes

By not adding additional items or accessories, we can bring you the best games at the best prices.

Your game will always be worth more than you pay.

How does this work?

After you sign-up, you will be sent to an easy to use form where you select the types of games and mechanics you enjoy and those you don't. (Click here to see form)

These detailed preferences, your existing games list, together with your Board Game Geek wishlists and ratings (if shared) will be carefully analysed by a board games expert to find you the perfect games for you as well as avoiding duplicates.

What type of games will I receive?

Depending on your subscription package and preferences, you could receive gateway games such as Mysterium or Potion Explosion, mid weight games like Inis or Viticulture or more expensive games including Spirit Island or Massive Darkness. 

See the Home Page for games recently chosen for subscribers, or the Subscribe page for games by price level.

How often will I receive games?

This is entirely down to your subscription package and preferences.


Some people enjoy building their collections quickly and receiving surprises every month, and you can choose to receive monthly games  (from £30 per month).

Others don't have space for monthly games, or would rather pay less each month to receive more expensive games less frequently, and you can choose this option  from £15 per month.

Choosing the 2-3 month option allows your game to be chosen from the widest range available. If you pay £20 per month, your first game will be usually be sent after a month when your second payment is received, so you get your first surprise as quickly as possible, with an RRP of over £40. However, a later game may be sent after a further 3 months, allowing you to receive a game with an RRP of over £60 if this is thought to be the best game for you. As always, if you have a preference for regular two or three monthly games, this can be specified on sign-up.

Aren't you the same as other crate sites?

Only in broad concept. Other crate sites typically either send everyone the same box, or bulk buy a very narrow selection of games and match you to the closest of these games, send out once per month to everyone, and have fixed price points, meaning you are limited to receiving a narrow range of games, whether or not there could be better games out there for you. In addition, if you buy a quarterly crate, you tend to make one big payment per quarter.


Board Game Surprise allows you a huge range of subscriptions (including custom) to be able to pick your games from the widest possible range, which are picked just for you, at the time your subscription payment is received, and allows you to spread the cost from just £10 per month. This is in addition to the other subscriber benefits.

No more spoilers when others post about their crate online before you even open yours, no receiving games which suit the majority and no having to wait a whole month for your crate if you miss other sites' once a month post date.

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