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Frequently asked questions

Can I buy from your store without subscribing?

Yes! Just purchase from the store.

How does the pre-order deposit work

You can choose to pay in full, or the deposit at checkout stage. If you choose to pay the deposit, you will secure your copy, at the stated price (even if the price has risen in the meantime).  You will be emailed prior to the game's release date to request the balance. Once this is paid, the game will be sent to you on release. Should we not be able to supply the game for any reason, this deposit would be fully refunded.

How much does the subscription service cost?

You can pay as much as you like from £10 to £100 per month. Paying more will mean you receive more expensive games, or games more frequently.

Will I pay RRP for games?

The games will always be cheaper than RRP and the aim is to send you both games that you love receiving and playing, and to do this at a competitive price. 


How often will I receive a game?

You can specify this on sign-up and amend at any time. The 2-3 month option will generally see you receiving games every two months, but on occasion you may get a game after three months, to allow you to get more expensive games where suitable.


How do I change my address or other preferences? 

Please send an email to or use the update details form. Of course, this needs to be done before a game is shipped to take effect.

Can I request what game I receive?

You can, if you don't want to take advantage of the surprise element and we will do our best to accommodate this.

How do you select the game I receive?

We use your preferences and collection to understand the types of games, themes and mechanics you already love. If you provide your BGG username, your ratings, comments and other factors will be taken into account. We then use our experience of playing and discussing games and hosting games club nights to select the most appropriate game for you on the market.

What if I already have that game or don`t like it?

If you have updated your list of games that you own, then this will not happen. If you really do not want to keep the game, and it is unopened and sealed, you can return it and a different game will be sent out. Note that the return postage will need to be covered by yourself. Due to the buoyant second hand market for games, you may find that you can sell it and cover most (or more) of your costs as an alternative.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Of course. Simply stop your payment or send an email to at any time. 


I have cancelled part-way through funding my next game, can I get my money back?

You can request a full refund of fees paid since receiving your last game.

How do you ship the games? 

These are shipped by courier and will need to be signed for. Part of the fun is not knowing when the parcel will arrive, but we aim to ship games within a week days of receiving the relevant payment and games should arrive within 2-3 working days from this time.

Do I have to pay for postage when you ship a game to me?

No, this is free and part of the service.

I have seen my game cheaper elsewhere and I`m not happy.

You may occasionally find this if other companies have a sale but we do aim to be extremely competitive on price. Where this does rarely happen, we would hope you this a small price to pay for the curation services and surprise factor from a small independent company. 

How will I know I am due to expect a game?

A large element of the fun in this service is a game turning up unannounced. However, to ensure that packages are not delivered and you are unaware, you will receive tracking information after shipment.

What data do you store and how safe is it?

Please see the privacy policy for more information, but in summary:

The data stored will be that you have given via the sign-up form, if any and will therefore include your name, email address and games collections and preferences. Payments will be made either through Paypal or Stripe, using their secure sites, or via your bank. No payment details will be stored, and no information will be sold or shared with anyone else outside of the company, and will be used purely to help run the service offered.

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