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Privacy policy

What information do we collect?

We collect information from you when you complete any details on the site, including the sign-up form, use the store and amending your details or preferences. This may include your name, email, address, board games owned and your preferences in board games.

What do we use your information for?

The service provided by Board Game Surprise is to select and deliver board games to you in exchange for payments. The information collected from you is primarily used for this service, and the free monthly draw. The information may also be used to improve the website, improve customer service and to send periodic emails.

Is this information used by anyone else?

No, your information will be used solely by Board Game Surprise and will not be sold or provided elsewhere.

Do you store my bank or payment information?


No, payments are made through Paypal or Stripe directly, or  through your bank in the case of standing order. We do not receive or store any bank information.

How is my data stored?

Your information will be stored offline in a password protected file, on a limited number of personal computers which are also password protected.

How can I see what information you hold about me?

Please send an email to requesting to know what information we hold about you, and we will share this information with you.

I no longer want you to store my information.

Please send an email to asking us to delete any information we hold about you, and we will do so. Please note that we will not be able to continue providing a service to you if you do this due to lack of required information.

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